Driving Inspiration

Driving Inspiration

Driving in Europe

Read our definitive guides to getting the most from driving holidays to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Driving to France

Getting in the car and driving to France on LeShuttle is so easy, and offers so much. From day trips to long weekends, summer holidays to road trips of a lifetime, there are a multitude of things to see and do in France. Normandy and Brittany has the gothic grandeur of Rouen, the fairytale island of Mont Saint-Michel and poignant wartime stories from the D-Day beaches. Explore more than a thousand vineyards in the Loire Valley, and tour stunning landscapes, beautiful chateaux and picturesque villages in Aquitaine.   

The south of France boasts rural tranquility, walled citadels and Roman cities, the melting pot of Marseille and chic glamour of the Côte d'Azur. Then there is Paris - always unforgettable, and just a morning's drive from our Calais terminal. From seaside resorts to medieval cities, food capitals to family favourites, France has everything for the perfect getaway. Read more about what you can do when driving to France in our Traveller Guides

Driving to Belgium

It may surprise you, but after making your channel crossing with LeShuttle, Belgium is closer to our Calais terminal than most of France! The border is just 45 minutes drive away, and being a small country, Belgium makes an excellent touring destination

The beautiful city of Bruges is just 1 hour 20 minutes drive from Calais. Rich in history, art and delicious things to eat and drink, Bruges is a wonderful place for a weekend city break. Take a boat ride on its lazily looping canal, and sample a refreshing Belgian beer on a brewery tour. A little further on is Ghent, renowned for its medieval architecture, museums and boutiques. On your drive to Belgium, don't leave without visiting its capital, Brussels. The Grand-Place is one of Europe's most elegant squares. Outside of the main cities explore the stunning countryside of Roche-en-Ardenne, and the medieval towns, beautiful landscapes and decadent châteaux of Wallonia. 

Talking of decadence, did we mention the chocolates, and the waffles? 

Driving to the Netherlands

Another country that is within touching - or driving distance - of the LeShuttle terminal in France. It takes only around two hours to drive to the Netherlands from Calais, and what Dutch delights await you there! 

From the tulip-lined fields of the flower route to the enchanting capital of Amsterdam, the Netherlands is a low-lying land full of highlights. Hire a bicycle and explore the waterways and windmills, especially the UNESCO site of Kinderdijk in the south. Soak up the art and culture of Amsterdam at the Rijksmuseum, and eat like a local, indulging in such 'dam fine Dutch delicacies as stroopwafel and bitterballen. Visit the Keukenhof tulip festival and see the colourful fields from the sky in a helicopter. 

For family fun, spend a day at Efteling, Holland's largest theme park, with its rollercoasters, water rides and fairy-tale settings. The Netherlands is a great place to take your caravan too! Get more ideas for your Dutch holiday with our Traveller Guides

Driving to Germany

Did you know that Germany is just a few hours drive from our Calais terminal? 

Cities like Cologne and Düsseldorf are less than five hours away, with their dazzling combination of history and modernity. Go further afield on an epic German road trip and explore the eastern city of Leipzig, home to some of history's greatest composers. Then, of course, all roads must lead to Berlin, the incredible capital city where history is all around you - from the Brandenburg Gate to the Reichstag and the remains of the Berlin Wall. 

Germany is a driving paradise, with some of the best roads in Europe and a fast, efficient motorway network. There are stunning scenic routes, including through the Black Forest and the 'romantic road' in the south of the country, linking historic cities and medieval walled towns. As the festive season approaches, Germany tops most of Europe with its wonderful array of Christmas markets.