On the day

On the day

Crossing the Channel with LeShuttle is the easiest, fastest and most eco-friendly option. Find out more about what happens on the day you travel with us.

Arrival at LeShuttle

The terminals of LeShuttle, formerly known as Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, are in Folkestone and Calais. Aim to arrive at the terminal at least 1 hour, but no more than 2 hours before departure. When you first arrive, you'll see signs directing you to a check-in booth. Follow these signs into a lane and pull up at the kiosk or window. 

Our self-service check-in booths use a touch screen to check you in. You'll need your credit/debit details or booking reference to retrieve your booking. At our manned kiosks, you'll need to let the attendant know your booking reference. 

You'll be given a 'hanger' - a small piece of paper to hang from your rear-view mirror with a letter printed on it. This letter lets us know which shuttle crossing you are booked on, and will be displayed on the departure boards in the terminal. 

Immigration and Customs

You'll need your passport ready for border checks, so when your shuttle arrives on the other side, you can just drive off.

The Terminal

Park up outside the terminal and head inside. If you're driving an electric car, you'll find charging points in the car park. 

If you have a pet, you can check them in at Pet Reception. We also have designated pet exercise areas for them to stretch their legs. 

Inside, you can indulge in duty free shopping, grab a bite to eat or use the restroom. 

You'll see blue departure boards that will let you know how much time you have before boarding, or download the LeShuttle app to see live departure times. 


Boarding starts 25 minutes before departure. You'll be called up for boarding via announcements in the terminal building, on the blue boards, or on our app. When your hanger letter is shown as 'Ready to Board' head back to your vehicle and follow the signs for ‘France’ if you're in Folkestone, or for ‘UK’ if you're in Calais. 

Depending on the size of your vehicle, including any extras mounted or towed to it, you'll need to follow signs for either 'Medium & Small' vehicles or 'Large' vehicles - this will be indicated on your booking confirmation. Medium and small vehicles will board the double-deck carriages, and Large vehicles will board the single-deck carriages.

Follow the green arrows to your allocated slip lane marked with your hanger letter. Drive up to the platform, and follow the staff members as they guide your vehicle onto the shuttle. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may have to drive up a small ramp, but don't worry! It's very simple. 

The Journey

You and your passengers and pets stay in your vehicle throughout the journey to France with LeShuttle, although you are able to get out to stretch your legs if needed. We recommend you use the facilities in the terminal before boarding and stock up on snacks for the trip, then drive on and relax for the crossing. 

Remember, the price of your ticket includes up to 9 people per vehicle, and you can take as much luggage as you can fit in your car. LeShuttle takes only 35 minutes to travel through the Channel Tunnel, and is the fastest, most flexible way to get to France in your car. 


On arrival at your destination, you'll be directed off the shuttle and you're on your way - there's no border checks or stops so you'll be free to continue your journey in France, with direct access to the motorway.

Driving in France comes with a few requirements - it's not just a case of driving on the right! Certain items are mandatory to have in your car at all times, and if you're driving in some cities with low emissions zones you may need a Crit'Air sticker. You will also have to pay tolls to drive on French motorways.  

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