The LeShuttle Experience

The LeShuttle Experience

LeShuttle is the fastest, most flexible way to drive your car to France. From how to get to our terminals to boarding and travelling with pets, find out more about the car train experience and what it's like to travel in the Channel Tunnel.

Drive to France in 35 minutes

LeShuttle, formerly known as Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, is a unique, convenient and quick way to travel between the UK and France. You'll travel between our two international terminals via a shuttle that carries your car under the channel, in a journey time of just 35 minutes.

Getting to LeShuttle by car

LeShuttle makes travelling through the Channel Tunnel incredibly easy. There are no luggage restrictions, your ticket is for your vehicle, and up to 9 people can travel on one ticket. Your adventure starts with your journey to our terminals.

Our UK terminal is in Folkestone, Kent. It's an easy drive from London, just 2 hours by car. Our European terminal is in Calais, France, just 3 hours from Paris. Both terminals are well signposted, so there's no stress finding your way on the day. 

Travel to France in the comfort of your own car

The journey from Folkestone to Calais on LeShuttle takes just 35 minutes, and you'll stay in the comfort of your vehicle for the ride. That's enough time to get out of your car to stretch your legs, and tuck into any snacks and refreshments you have with you or bought at one of our terminals. We don't take just cars either - if you are travelling on a motorcycle, in a motorhome, van or campervan, or even on a bicycle, there's space for you on board. 

If you are travelling with pets, they can stay with you for the whole journey too!  

Travelling with LeShuttle across the Channel is also the most environmentally friendly way to do so. A car crossing the Channel emits 73 times less carbon emissions than by ferry. Plus, if you have an electric vehicle, we have charging points at both our terminals. 

Faster than a ferry, greener than a plane.  

Drive on, relax, drive off

It’s easy to load your car on the shuttle. At the terminal, you'll see signs, lanes and people guiding you on board. Cars are usually loaded onto the double deck portion of the shuttle – so you may need to drive up a ramp. Our single deck carriages are for larger vehicles like motorhomes, coaches and campervans. Then sit back, relax and after 35 minutes, head off on your next adventure. Join us for road trip ready tunes and the latest travel information on our departures. Choose your direction of travel to tune in for the latest travel information with the LeShuttle Radio.

Award-winning travel for pets

We love pets here at LeShuttle and we want to make sure your furry friends have the best possible journey when they travel with us. 

We're proud to have carried more than 4 million happy pets since 2000, and every day we see lots of families with pets, especially dogs, travelling to and from the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond. 

Find out more about what you need to do to get your pets ready for their big adventure across the Channel with LeShuttle. 

We have everything in place to make the journey stress-free for you and your pet
  • Pet exercise areas

    Our dedicated terminal spaces are covered with paw-friendly astro-turf so your pet can get some last minute exercise before heading on board.  

  • Air-conditioned pet reception 

    You and your pet can stay calm, cool and collected in our air-conditioned reception area.

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We're with you at every step

After your booking we make sure you have all the information you need to make the most of your trip. You can follow travel updates here, and we recommend you download our app that shows travel alerts and live departure times on the day.

Get the latest travel information on the go with the LeShuttle Radio.