Before you go

Before you go

Make sure you're ready to hit the road with our pre-travel checklist.

Pre-travel Checklist

We've created a handy checklist of what you need to check or prepare before you travel through the Channel Tunnel with LeShuttle, from passports to duty-free. Once you've booked, we'll also send you email reminders to make it as easy as possible to prepare for your trip.
  • Check your travel documents
    All passengers will need a valid passport, and any pets travelling with you will need their own documentation. It's recommended that you have a minimum of 6 months left on your passport for international travel. Even if it has 6 months left, your passport must be less than 10 years old. There are also limits for British passport holders on how long you can stay in the EU. Full details can be found on the UK government website.

    If you're driving, you'll also need your full driving licence documentation, proof of insurance, and the original Vehicle Registration Document (V5). If your vehicle is borrowed, hired, leased, or a company car, you'll need a Vehicle on Hire Certificate (VE103).

    You may also need a visa depending on where you are travelling to and from.
  • Fill out your API
    Ahead of your journey, you will need to provide passport details for all travellers. This is called Advance Passenger Information (API) and is a UK Home Office requirement for all passengers leaving or entering the UK. You can provide this information online in your LeShuttle account or with your booking details at any time before you travel.

    If you opt to store your Advance Passenger Information in your LeShuttle account, you can easily use it again on future bookings without having to re-enter it every time.

    If you do not provide your API in advance, you may be stopped at check-in and asked to add it to your booking before continuing your journey.
  • Get Insurance
    We strongly recommend you and your passengers have insurance to cover you in case anything happens while you're away. We offer comprehensive insurance packages and travel or motor breakdown cover insurance for you to choose from when you book.
  • Prep your pet
    Make sure your pet has met all the requirements for travelling between the UK and France before your trip. This can include getting microchipped, vaccinated, and having a valid Animal Health Certificate, EU Pet Passport or equivalent travel documentation. Dogs will also tapeworm treatment 1-5 days before travel.

    If your pet has an EU Pet Passport issued in Great Britain this is no longer valid and you will need an Animal Health Certificate instead.
  • Learn about driving abroad
    It’s really important to make sure you have the right documents and equipment before you drive between the UK and EU. For full details, check the latest government advice, or explore our guide to driving abroad for an overview.

    You'll need a UK sticker if you're driving from the UK to Europe. When driving in France, you must also have an approved high-viz reflective jacket and a warning triangle in your vehicle, and you should adjust your headlights to drive on the right.

    The AA Shop in our Folkestone Terminal is handy for any forgotten equipment such as UK stickers or headlight kits.

    If you're planning to drive in one of the Low Emission Zones in France, you will need to buy a Crit'Air sticker and display it on your windscreen. 
  • Find out what happens on the day
    Want to know exactly how your LeShuttle journey will go? Check out our passenger guide which explains how arrival, boarding and departure will work on the day.
  • Stay connected while travelling
    Many UK networks have said that they have no plans to reintroduce data roaming charges, but we’d strongly recommend you check with your mobile phone provider before you travel - just to make sure there are no surprises.
  • Shop and save
    Take advantage of duty-free shopping while you travel and visit World Duty Free, available in both our Folkestone and Calais terminals. Choose from a selection of wine, spirits, confectionary, toys and cosmetics with up to 50% off high street prices.

    To take advantage of duty-free shopping each individual traveller must register online. You'll be sent a QR code that can be scanned when you shop. It only takes a moment and will save time in store.

    We recommend checking the latest government advice on duty-free limits, which has details on exact allowances as well as what you can and can’t carry between the UK and EU. If you need to declare any items, you will need to do this online before travelling.
  • Check the latest travel advice
    For the latest travel advice check the UK government website.

    If you're travelling to the EU from the UK.

    If you're travelling from the EU to the UK.