Driving to Disneyland® Paris

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Driving to Disneyland® Paris

Drive to Disneyland® Paris from the UK with LeShuttle. Find out why it’s the best way to travel with a family to the most popular theme park in Europe.

If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland® Paris you’re not alone – it’s the most popular theme park in Europe!

Taking your car to the parks is one of the best ways to get there, especially if you are travelling from the UK with your family or pets. Get some tips for your drive to Disneyland® Paris with LeShuttle. 

How to drive to Disneyland® Paris

Why do people choose LeShuttle to drive to Disneyland® Paris?

When you travel with LeShuttle there is no restriction on baggage, which you won’t find if you’re going by train or flying. Families love this because the children can have all their gadgets and creature comforts with them – within reason! – during the journey. If you’re self catering it also means you can take plenty of things with you in the car, and pack for all weathers.  

Your ticket price covers up to 9 people in your vehicle, so is excellent value for money. With up to four shuttles per hour, it’s also a more frequent service than going by ferry or Eurostar.

We recommend booking an early shuttle to make the most of your first day in the parks. Plan to leave enough time to get to Folkestone, at least 45 minutes before the departure time. Here are some approximate driving times to our UK terminal from all over the UK.

What happens at the terminal?

Checking in is hassle-free and contactless – our check-in booths automatically recognise your registration plate. You should have enough time to stretch your legs and explore the shops and restaurants at the terminal. It’s a great place to do some duty-free shopping.

The crossing itself only takes 35 minutes – before you know it you’re in France!

How much does it cost to drive to Disneyland® Paris?

French motorways operate a toll system, so you will have to pay to drive more or less anywhere on the fastest roads. There are very few motorways in France which don’t charge tolls. You can pay by debit or credit card or cash, or pay in advance using a toll tag like Emovis. The toll charge driving from Calais to the Disney® parks using motorways will be around €25 each way. 

How long does it take to drive to Disneyland® Paris?

It takes about 3 hours 15 minutes to drive to Disneyland® Paris from our Calais terminal. The distance is about 200 miles. This is the driving time under normal conditions, so it could take longer depending on the time of day. You will be driving on motorways like the A16 and A1, unless you prefer to take your time, avoid the tolls and drive on the equivalent of A or B roads in the UK.  

If you’re self-catering, a great idea is to stop on the way at a French supermarket or local store and get some essentials in before you arrive at your accommodation.

Is it easy to drive to Disneyland® Paris?

Driving in France can seem like a daunting prospect, especially if you have never driven abroad before – or switched from driving on the left to the right so quickly. But as long as you follow a few simple rules you should find it easier than you thought. 

Is driving to Disneyland® Paris better for families?

If you’re taking the kids on their dream trip to Disneyland® Paris, we think driving is the best option. You don’t have to worry about getting on and off a ferry, train or plane. As we have already said, you can pack so much more too. You could take an early morning shuttle to add to the sense of adventure for the kids. Travelling with LeShuttle to Disneyland® Paris certainly offers better value for money than other modes of transport, and is a more seamless, frictionless, hassle-free experience.

Can you take pets on LeShuttle?

Yes, you certainly can.

Pets are part of the family of course, and part of ours too. You can stay with your pets throughout your LeShuttle crossing. We have a dedicated pet reception and exercise areas at the terminals. While pets themselves are not allowed in the parks and hotels of Disneyland® Paris, you can leave them at the Animal Care Center while you visit the parks. So if you are staying at a hotel that is off-site and pet friendly, there is no need to leave your beloved furry behind on your drive to Disneyland® Paris.

Money-saving tips for trips to Disneyland® Paris

If you’re driving to Disneyland® Paris you’ve already started saving, so here are some more money-saving tips:

  • Stay off site in a non-Disney® hotel
  • Go out of peak season or for shorter periods
  • Self-catering to save on eating out
  • Book park tickets in advance though Magic Breaks
  • Look into deals on dining plans when purchasing tickets
  • Bring water bottles to fill up using the park fountains
  • Take a packed lunch into the parks
  • Purchase Annual Passes if you are planning multiple trips per year

Drive to Disneyland® Paris with LeShuttle

A fairytale trip to Disneyland® Paris with LeShuttle – what could be more exciting than that? It is sure to be an epic adventure for the whole family, and we can provide all the ‘bare necessities’ for your 35-minute crossing from Folkestone to Calais. Book today and start planning your drive to Disneyland® Paris.

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