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This page contains Eurotunnel’s requirements for Suppliers being the documents and information suppliers must comply with in order to work with Eurotunnel. Suppliers will also find a link to this page on Eurotunnel’s General Conditions of Purchase.

Eurotunnel may modify or update its requirements at any time. Suppliers must ensure that they have the latest version of these documents.

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact your purchasing contact or write to legal@eurotunnel.com

Safety, security, environment and quality requirements

Eurotunnel Site Rules

These documents set out the rules in force on Eurotunnel’s sites in France and England relating to  Health & Safety, Security, and Environment.

Download: UK Site Rules

Protocol for resuming and/or continuing business activities on site in view of the current Covid-19 situation (07/2020)

This document looks to specify or provide a reminder of the practical procedures for resuming activities as well as the strategies adopted by Eurotunnel.

Download: Guidance PDF

Requirements for the health and safety management (08/2020)

Download: Guidance PDF

Compliance Requirements

Sustainable Procurement and Supplier Relations Charter (14/02/2022)

The signatories of the charter have committed to implementing a continuous improvement plan within their organisation to strengthen their supplier relations in a spirit of mutual trust and respect for each other’s rights and responsibilities.

Download: UK Sustainable Procurement and Supplier Relations Charter

Download: Letter to suppliers : Getlink strengthens its commitment to sustainable procurement

Code of Ethics and Conduct (12/2018)

All Getlink Group entities, including Eurotunnel, its suppliers and other partners, undertake to comply with the principles and standards of conduct set out in the Code.

Download: UK Getlink Code of Ethics and Conduct

Supplier’s Declaration of Compliance (06/2019)

Suppliers must confirm their acceptance of, and compliance with, Getlink’s compliance policies and procedures on commencement of a contract and throughout its duration.

Download: UK Supplier Declaration for Compliance with Eurotunnel Requirements

Combatting illegal working (“Obligation de vigilance”) (06/2019)

Suppliers must provide the documents listed in this document if the following two conditions are met : (i) the contract is performed in France, and (ii) the total amount paid by Eurotunnel to the supplier is €5,000 or more - excluding VAT (total value of the contract, even if there are several invoices and payments).

Download: UK Info suppliers - combatting illegal working

Preventing Anti-Bribery and Corruption Due diligence questionnaire

A questionnaire will be sent directly to suppliers by Eurotunnel.  Suppliers must complete the questionnaire fully, provide the information requested and keep Eurotunnel informed of any changes to their circumstances which may affect the responses given.

Modern Slavery Statement (06/2022)

Getlink and its subsidiaries are committed to preventing any form of modern slavery, human trafficking or child labour within its business and supply chain.  Our policies and procedures reflect our aim to act ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships.

Download: UK modern slavery statement

Information regarding Getlink whistleblowing policy (06/2019)

Any Getlink employee, supplier or other third party can use our whistleblowing mechanism.

Download: UK whistleblowing information

Data processing by the Supplier (12/2018)

If the supplier is processing  personal data for, or on behalf of, a Getlink group entity, the Supplier must comply with our data processing agreement.

Download: UK data processing agreement

Eurotunnel Site access privacy notice (01/2019)

This document sets out the privacy and confidentiality statement that applies to the processing of suppliers' personal data collected by Eurotunnel in order to grant them access to the secured Eurotunnel site

Download: UK Eurotunnel Site Access Privacy Notice

General Conditions of Purchase (01/09/2022)

This document is applicable as of 1 September 2022. The GCP may, where necessary and by agreement, be supplemented by relevant, specific conditions.

Download: UK GCP General conditions of purchase