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  2. My Eurotunnel app terms of use

My Eurotunnel app terms of use

My Eurotunnel is an iOS and Android application belonging to the company "EUROTUNNEL":

Eurotunnel is the partnership of two companies; The Channel Tunnel Group Limited registered in England under Company No. 1811435 whose registered office is at the UK Terminal, Ashford Road, Folkestone Kent CT18 8XX and France-Manche SA incorporated under French law whose registered office is located at 3, rue La Bo├ętie Paris 75008 France, both acting in partnership to operate and maintain the Channel Tunnel.

This Application provides access to personalised, contextualised, real-time information as part of your journey on Eurotunnel's passenger shuttles via the Channel Tunnel.

To use the Application, you must accept, as the "User" these Terms of Use, hereinafter "TOU", when you create your account. The purpose of these is to define the terms and conditions of use of the Application. Each time you use the Application, you agree to comply with the following provisions.

We reserve the right to modify at any time these TOU and we undertake to inform you in a reasonable time, by any means.

In case of translation of these Terms, only the English version will prevail.

1. Using the Application

1.1. Accessing the Application

To access the Application, you need to download the application from either the Apple App Store for iOS, or the Google Play store for Android.1.2. Purposes of the ApplicationThe Application allows you to optimise your journey with us, en route and to our terminals, in particular:

  • To assist in completing pre-travel checks/tasks
  • To get driving directions to the check-in areas
  • To be kept informed and notified of departures
  • Access information, documentation and content related to a booking/account

1.3. Push notifications, Location services and Analytics

Push notifications

The system provides information using Push Notifications. You will receive the Notifications only if you have activated the option in your mobile device. Push Notifications can be configured within the Application's settings.

You have the option to disable the Push Notifications on your mobile device at any time, but this will impact the functionality of the Application.

Location services

The Application uses the GPS of your mobile device to detect your location. It is used to deliver notifications and information based on your proximity to our Terminals, and location within them.

The use of the location features of the Application requires your express prior consent on your device settings.

We recommend that you set this to "Always" to improve the quality of our services. We only make use of the "Precise Location" when you have an upcoming booking and are in close proximity to our terminals. You still have the option to disable the Location features of your mobile device at any time, but this will impact the functionality of the Application.

Your location data is considered "Personal data" and as such is not kept, stored or used in any other way other than delivering the features specified above and in accordance with Eurotunnel's Privacy Notice (see section 2 of these terms).


In order to improve general quality of service and especially the performance of the application we use tracking software that uses anonymous analytics generating data regarding the use of the Application.

The analytics of the Application make it possible to establish statistics and metrics for visit and use of the various elements composing the Application (device type, screens and features used etc.).

2. Protection of personal data

By using the Application, you confirm you have read the privacy policy available on eurotunnel.com/uk/privacy-and-cookies/.

We invite you to read carefully the policy quoted above.

3. Intellectual Property

3.1. General Information

The entire Application and its contents are protected by intellectual property rights.

EUROTUNNEL is, unless otherwise indicated, holder of all intellectual property rights attached thereto.

Access to the Application does not give you any right to it and its contents. The right of access solely granted to you is in no way related to an assignment of the intellectual property rights attached to them.

Brands, logos, illustrations, photographs, databases, graphic design elements, videos, sound content, layouts and more generally, all the content published on the Application and its organisation cannot be reproduced, copied, disseminated, modified, transmitted, sold, published, adapted in any way whatsoever, by any means, on any medium whatsoever, in whole or in part, without having received the prior written consent of EUROTUNNEL.

Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an act of counterfeit that may incur the civil and/or criminal liability of its author. EUROTUNNEL reserves the right to take legal action against any person who has not respected this prohibition. You will also lose the right to use the Application.

Similarly, it is strictly forbidden to use or reproduce the name "EUROTUNNEL" and/or its logo, alone or in association, for any reason whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever without the prior written consent of EUROTUNNEL.

3.2. License to use the Application for the benefit of the User

The Application is available free for personal use. Therefore, you benefit, under these TOU, of a revocable license, free and non-exclusive use of the Application.

You are prohibited from allowing third parties to proceed to the following actions on your behalf: (i) make or distribute copies of the Application, (ii) attempt to copy, reproduce, alter, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, transfer, exchange or translate the Application; or (iii) create works derived from the Application of any nature whatsoever.

You must check the financial terms of the contract with your mobile carrier for downloading and using the Application on the mobile device. It is possible that there are charges incurred by the network operator for the User's access to network connection services for the duration of the connection or that such costs arise from third parties. You accept to cover such charges.

If, as a User, you are not the bill payer for the use of the mobile device, it is your responsibility to obtain permission from the bill payer to use the Application.

3.3. Modification of the Application

We reserve the right to modify the Application, make it unavailable or apply a charge for it in whole or in part.

4. Availability

We reserve the right to interrupt the availability of the Application at any time, without notice, in particular with a view to preventative, evolutionary or curative maintenance operations. In the event of an interruption of the Application, we will endeavour by any means to notify you within a reasonable time and will use all appropriate means to remedy it as soon as possible.

You acknowledge that the Application is provided over the Internet and mobile networks and that factors beyond our reasonable control may affect the quality and availability of the Application.

We cannot be held liable due to the unavailability of the Application or any difficulty or inability to download or access the content or any other failure of the communication system that could render the Application unavailable.

5. Limitation of Liability

The Application can display content that does not belong to us. This content is the sole responsibility of the partner who made it available.

The information provided on the Application is provided for information only and is therefore non-contractual.

We cannot be held liable, in particular for the following:

  • Any offence related to the use of the Application while driving the vehicle. It is your duty to use the Application in compliance with the rules of the applicable highway code.
  • Loss or damage, direct, indirect, material and immaterial, deriving from your use of or access to the Application, including loss of profit, regardless of whether we were able to predict it.
  • Inability to access the Application and/or any of the sites or applications linked to it.
  • Omissions and/or errors which may be present in the Application.
  • Damage or alterations to your equipment, including but not limited to computer equipment, mobile devices or mobile phones, following the installation or use of the Application.
  • The accuracy of the information provided in case of exceptional degradation or total cut of the crossing service via our infrastructure.

6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

You accept that any dispute concerning the interpretation and/or implementation of the TOU or, to the extent possible, resolved amicably. Failing this, and within the limits of the applicable law, the courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction