High vehicles, vans and minibuses

High vehicles, vans and minibuses

There's space on our single deck carriages

Is your vehicle higher than 1.85m?

If you are driving a higher than normal vehicle we can easily cater for you on LeShuttle, formerly known as Eurotunnel Le Shuttle.

Use our spacious single deck carriages

We allocate space in the single deck carriage for vehicles higher than 1.85 metres, including tall cars, vehicles carrying items on their roof, coaches, caravans, minibuses and some vans. The carriages are twice as high as the double deck carriages so there is ample room.

Commercial goods

Vans with an AGW* (Actual Gross Weight) up to 3.5 tonnes carrying commercial goods may travel on the passenger Shuttle service but must be booked through a dedicated account. Please contact us for more information.

(*AGW identified on vehicle registration document)

Important information

  • We regret that LPG (or equivalent flammable gas) vehicles cannot be transported by LeShuttle even if it is being used as a secondary fuel source. However other dual powered vehicles can be accepted e.g. petrol/electric. Check the acceptability of your vehicle.

  • Transport of gas containers to power domestic services for caravans, campervans, vehicles fitted out as a campervan are restricted. Check gas transport conditions.