Travelling with your pet: National Microchipping Month

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Travelling with your pet: National Microchipping Month

Microchipping is essential if you plan to take your pet on holiday abroad with you. Learn more about National Microchipping Month, an annual initiative that promotes the importance of chipping as a permanent identification for your pet.

You may have already seen the National Microchipping Month campaign in your local vets and animal magazines, promoting the event that takes place in June of every year. There are many benefits of microchipping dogs, plus you can now have cats, rabbits and other animals chipped too. In 2010, even a flock of penguins at London Zoo were chipped in a move to raise awareness of the event!

Dog being checked by a vetGet your pet a health check at the vet before you travel

Why should you microchip your pet?

Even the most well-behaved pet can get lost, so a microchip gives you peace of mind that they are far more likely to be found and returned to you. If your pet is lost or stolen, the chip and its registration is definitive proof of ownership too, particularly helpful in the case of stolen pets when ownership is in dispute.

Microchips are tiny, about the size of a grain of rice, so once it is implanted, your pet won’t even notice it’s there. It can be read by a scanner, bringing up your details to make sure your pet can come home to you safely. They last a lifetime, so you don’t have to re-chip your pet, although it’s a good idea to check it each year at the vet to make sure it is still working. They can also ‘travel’ a little, so it may be further down the back or one of the front legs of your pet.

Travelling with your pet with LeShuttle

Travelling with your pet is easy with LeShuttle. As long as you follow the rules for the country you are planning to visit, which include rabies vaccines, correct documentation, and of course microchipping, you can take your pet abroad with you. They must stay in your vehicle throughout your journey, but we do have exercise areas for dogs to burn off energy and relieve themselves before boarding. Free dog waste bags are provided here too.

Remember to check all the relevant guidance for travelling with a pet before you book tickets, giving yourself plenty of time to plan for vaccinations and health checks. It will help both you and your pet to have a stress-free holiday. However, we do have plenty of advice articles, including how to keep your pet calm in the car, to help you when travelling with us.

Pug sitting on top of luggage with car in the backgroundDon’t forget to pack all the essentials for you and your pet

PETS The Pet Travel Scheme

As a nation of pet lovers, we struggle to leave home for our holidays without them, but microchipped cats, dogs and ferrets can all currently travel to the continent with LeShuttle under PETS The Pet Travel Scheme.

Sponsored by The Kennel Club, this initiative promotes the importance of chipping as a permanent identification for your pet. Caroline Kisko, Secretary at The Kennel Club says: “So many people are still unaware of how simple, effective and necessary it is to microchip their pet. It’s not until a pet goes missing that they really become aware of the value of the service.” So, if you have a dog, cat, rabbit (or even a penguin!) be sure to pop down to your local vets this month and ask about microchipping.

Heading to Europe with your pet?

With LeShuttle it only takes 35-minutes to cross the Channel, so you and your pet can start making memories in no time. Book your tickets today.

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