Driving from Calais to Rouen

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Driving from Calais to Rouen

Take a journey along winding roads that hug the coastline of France for a trip to Rouen with its cobblestone paths and Gothic architecture.

Driving is a great way to see more of France. You can set the pace and plan your journey to Rouen that takes in some sights along the way.

And even if you don’t have as much time for your trip, our shuttles will get you to Calais from Folkestone in just 35 minutes later. Booking your tickets couldn’t be easier.

How long does it take to drive from Calais to Rouen?

The most direct route to Rouen from Calais is via the A16 and A28, which will take around 2 and a half hours’ drive. However, you might wish to take a more scenic route, or plan some stops along the way. Coast the coastline, soak up some local history, or wine! This guide will give you some inspiration for your journey.

White stone statues in a Gothic style inside archways of a church

Are there any tolls from Calais to Rouen?

If you decide to take the most direct route to Rouen there are tolls to pay on the A16. The cost will depend on the type of vehicle you are travelling in.

Is a day trip to Rouen worth it?

You can reach the city of Rouen in under 3 hours, and it’s only 35 minutes to Calais from Folkestone with LeShuttle. However, this port city has plenty to see and do, and you might want to plan stops to break up your driving time.

As well as 15th Century architecture and its connection to Joan of Arc (she was killed here),  Rouen has seasonal outdoor markets to explore and a bevvy of restaurants that celebrate French cuisine in all its forms. If you can, visit during the annual Fete du Ventre. This food festival sees the streets and squares fill with stalls offering everything from macarons to cheeses and artisanal breads.

A day trip is possible, but we think you will want to spend time exploring this city. The museums and rich history are just the tip of the cultural iceberg. Plus, you might want to enjoy a stop or two along your journey so why not make a weekend of it? See our ticket types here.

Some ideas for places to visit on your drive to Rouen

Take a detour to any of these places to see more of France. From picturesque villages to busy fishing ports, this is a chance to see authentic culture and enjoy some great examples of French architecture.

Church spire in the distance with a castle in the foreground under a blue sky

Via A16 & A28, taking in Boulogne-sur-Mer and Blangy-sur-Bresle

Travelling on the A16, you can stop at the major fishing port of Boulogne-sur-Mer on the North Coast of France. As well as a belfry built in the 12th century, the Basilica of Notre-Dame, there is the enormous Nausicaa aquarium here, with thousands of species to enjoy learning about. Ancient Egyptian and Greek artefacts are on display at the Chateau De Boulogne-sur-Mer (a fascinating museum), which should satisfy any avid history lovers. This is the place for fresh seafood and strolling along the beach or waterfront.

Man in blue overalls blowing glass into a sphere

Blangy-sur-Bresle in the heart of a valley is a pretty place to stop or stay. The river Bresle is an historic border between Normandy and Picardy. Blangy-sur-Bresle is also an important location for glasswork too, with brands such as Dior and Chanel using the techniques founded and developed here for their signature perfume bottles.

Bordered by the forest of Eu in the west, the valley of Bresle has a number of ponds, making this area popular for fishing, walks and water sports. For fans of French architecture, The Church of Our Lady in the heart of Blangy was built in the 13th century and is the last survivor of the three churches that the city had from the 14th century.

Cobbled streets, timbered house and brick archway a picturesque French village

Via A16: Gerberoy

Known as one of the most beautiful villages in France, Gerberoy is best known for its picturesque, timbered and brick 17th-18th century cottages.

Wander through narrow streets and alleys and enjoy the gardens that the locals maintain year-round. Late spring to the end of July is when the flowers are in full bloom, and the third Sunday in June is when the Gerberoy flower festival takes place.

The artists Henri le Sidaner moved to Gerberoy in the 1930s and legend has it that the roses he planted in his own garden and around the town’s ruined fort started the floral trend among the villagers. You can visit the artist’s terraced garden and you are likely to see artists following in Sidaner's footsteps, quietly painting pictures of the pretty streets in the cafes here.

Gerberoy was the scene of many battles up until the 15th century as it sits on the ancient border between Normandy (which was once English), and France. The village was surrounded by ramparts and entered only through a fortified stone gateway which you can still see today.

Start your drive to Rouen with LeShuttle

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