Crossing the Channel with Eurotunnel LeShuttle

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Crossing the Channel with Eurotunnel LeShuttle

For the best way to get to France, here is all the information you need to make the channel crossing with LeShuttle.

There is no easier, flexible or faster way of crossing the channel than with LeShuttle. Taking your car from the UK, you could be in France in just 35 minutes. So whether you are planning a day trip to France, a skiing holiday, a shopping spree or a European road trip, a channel crossing with LeShuttle is the perfect way to start your adventures. 

It's an environmentally friendly way of crossing the channel too – and you can bring your pets! 

Cars boarding LeShuttleChoose the ticket price that suits you for taking your car to France

How much does it cost to cross the Channel by car?

The price of a channel crossing with LeShuttle varies, depending on the duration of your stay in France, the time of day you would like to travel and the amount of flexibility you want with your ticket. For example, some of our fares are fully refundable, while others offer the freedom of being able to take any crossing on the day you have booked to travel. 

Find out more about our range of fares and ticket types, which suit all kinds of different travel requirements and budgets. The price of your ticket includes your vehicle and up to 9 passengers, and there are no luggage or fuel supplements. So crossing the channel by car with LeShuttle can also be the best option in terms of price too. 

If you become a LeShuttle member you can get free priority access to special promotions and members only ticket offers. 

Can you cross the Channel on foot with LeShuttle?

You are not able to travel as a foot passenger on LeShuttle. You can only use LeShuttle if you are in a vehicle or are riding a motorcycle. The only exception is if you are intending to take your bicycle to mainland Europe from the UK. In these circumstances you can request to use our cycle service, which must be booked at least 10 days before your date of travel. 

If you need to hire a car for your trip, remember that we offer car rental with Avis, with exclusive offers for LeShuttle customers.

Person on bikeYou can take your bike on LeShuttle, but make sure you book in advance!

What types of vehicle can cross the Channel with LeShuttle?

As a driver or passenger you can make the channel crossing with LeShuttle in any of the following vehicles:

•    Car (including electric cars) 
•    Van
•    Minibus
•    Caravan
•    Campervan
•    Motorhome 
•    Coach

Vehicles that are towing trailers or caravans will pay more to travel on LeShuttle. Vehicles taller than 1.85 metres can be accommodated on our single deck carriages, but larger vehicles will make a difference to your ticket price. When you make your booking you will be asked for the registration, make and model of your vehicle, and for larger vehicles some basic dimensions. 

Freight can also use the channel crossing to France using LeShuttle’s freight service. 

If this is the first time you have taken your car across the channel, find out more about some of the rules and regulations for driving in France.

What’s the most environmentally friendly way to cross the Channel?

Compared to taking the ferry, travelling with LeShuttle is by far the most eco way of crossing the channel. In terms of emissions, an average of 2kg of CO2 is emitted with a single channel crossing on LeShuttle; the same journey by ferry would result in 147kg worth of CO2 being released. The Channel Tunnel transport system also helps to protect the environment because our fully underground link does not emit sulphur dioxide or nitrogen oxide gases. Electric locomotives also only generate a low level of atmospheric pollution. 

So if your want to reduce your carbon footprint, LeShuttle is the only way to go if you are crossing the channel by car.

Car driving along the roadEnjoy the open road by crossing the channel with LeShuttle

Book your Channel crossing today

With up to 4 departures per hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, LeShuttle is the most frequent, efficient and environmentally friendly way to make your channel crossing. With a journey time of just 35 minutes between Folkestone and Calais, it is also the quickest way to get to France. 

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