Bilster Berg race track in Bad Driburg, Germany

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Bilster Berg race track in Bad Driburg, Germany

Experience the thrill of driving on one of Europe’s most exclusive motor racing circuits.

Motorsport aficionados will have heard about Bilster Berg, a spectacular, almost mythical race track reclaimed from a disused Cold War site deep in the heart of Germany. Built by one of the greatest modern F1 track designers, its high speed corners, straights and undulations are reputed to pose a stern challenge for professionals and amateurs alike.

Bilster Berg is a private track – but despite this it is tantalisingly within reach, both of car enthusiasts and LeShuttle customers.

Where is Bilster Berg?

Bilster Berg is located in a remote area of the Teutoburg Forest in North Rhine-Westphalia. The closest town is Bad Driburg, around 15km away.

Driving to Bilster Berg from Calais

It takes around six hours 45 minutes (toll-free) to drive to Bilster Berg race track from the LeShuttle terminal at Calais. Take the E40 towards Bruges, then drive across Belgium and the Netherlands via Ghent, Antwerp and Eindhoven. Once in Germany, continue on the main autobahns (40 and 44) towards Duisburg and Dortmund.

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The race trackOnce a top-secret army base, Bilster Berg is now one of Europe’s most exclusive race tracks.

Bilster Berg Driving Resort

Bilster Berg is built on the site of a former NATO ammunitions depot, which closed in 1993. The landowner, Baron von der Borch, had the idea of turning it into an exclusive motor racing circuit.

A brief history of the circuit

Bilster Berg was only created in 2013, the first new race track to be built in Germany for 80 years. It was designed by Hermann Tilke, creator of some of Formula 1’s leading circuits like Marina Bay in Singapore and the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. The legendary German rally driver Walter Röhrl was also part of the design team.

The racetrack

The challenging track is 2.6 miles long, featuring 19 turns, 44 dips and crests along its undulating course. Because of its private status (it is not permitted to stage commercial racing events), there is a sense of mystery around the track. The so-called ‘Mausefalle’ (‘Mouse trap’) sector includes a 26-degree drop at a blind corner where the next section of track momentarily disappears from the driver’s view. It is regarded as one of Tilke’s most exciting circuits, and a ‘bucket list’ experience for motorsport fans.

Mike from DriveTribe at the ‘Mausefalle’ bendMike from DriveTribe at the ‘Mausefalle’ bend.

The off-road course

It is not just high speed thrills that pulls petrolheads to Bilster Berg. There is a 5km off-road course that is used for off-road driving instruction. These events take place several times a year and can be booked by non-members of the circuit. The course features steep descents, mud and water crossings, 100% gradients and stretches of diagonal driving – the ultimate test for your 4x4!

The dynamic area

Fancy sliding and skidding your car around in the wet at Bilster Berg? There is a section of the circuit that resembles a swimming pool – a waterlogged area used for driver safety training, slalom challenges or drift training.

Things to do at the resort

While it is an exclusive member-only driving resort, Bilster Berg does hold a range of events that are open to the general public by application. The circuit can also be hired by companies for corporate events.

Driving experiences

Drive with a guide or in free driving sessions around the track. Each session is supervised by instructors and safety is always given paramount importance.  If you want to experience the speed and excitement of racing round the track without the responsibility of being behind the wheel, you can ride as a passenger with one of the track’s expert drivers.

Bilster Berg uses the natural hillsides of its forest setting for some spectacular track sectors.


On a track day you can experience the thrill of free driving in Bilster Berg with your corporate group or car club. You could be one of 30 vehicles on the track at the same time, in your own car, for up to a whole weekend. It really is up to your track day organiser!

Driver training

If you have always wanted to take your car around a high intensity racing circuit, Bilster Berg offers the perfect opportunity, with its sport and basic training events. You don’t need a sports car either – street-legal cars are accepted on the basic version of the racetrack training days. Off-road training is also available on the off-road course. 

Racing events

At the beginning and end of each season the resort usually holds open free events, where the general public can register to attend in advance. You can take part in the racetrack training, take a test drive in the dynamic area and off-road course, or just watch it all from the luxury of the TURN ONE restaurant.

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Your road trip to Bilster Berg starts with LeShuttle, and a 35-minute crossing from Folkestone to Calais. That is what DriveTribe did, and they loved it! Why not combine your trip to Bilster Berg with a visit to the legendary circuits at Nürburgring or Spa-Francorchamps?

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