15 things to see and do in Reims

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15 things to see and do in Reims

A guide to the gorgeous city of Reims, a place filled with fairytale Gothic buildings and the place to be if you have a penchant for champagne.

How do I get to Reims?

To get to Reims, you can take a direct route from Calais, via the A26 and arrive in around two hours and 35 minutes. Of course, you may choose to take a longer, more scenic route instead to stop by some local sights along the way. We have a wonderful Driving to Reims guide for you to explore your options.

If you do decide to take the the most direct route from Calais to Reims, you will be driving on roads that include tolls. The A26 is a toll road and will cost you around €23.

What is Reims famous for?

Reims is possibly most famous for its champagne production. Here you will find some of the largest and most celebrated champagne houses, many of which are open for tours and tastings. However, it is also a great place to visit if you love to try new dishes. Reims can definitely be described as a ‘foodie town’ and even has its own signature dish.

Biscuits roses de Reims are a pink sweet treat that were first created by Fossier’s Confectioners in the 18th century. The recipe remains shrouded in mystery to this day, but they are traditionally covered in icing sugar and have a crunchy texture, meaning they’re perfect with a hot drink or some refreshing champagne.

Reims is also known for its beautiful Gothic architecture. We have highlighted some of the more standout attractions in this guide, but the entire city will delight the avid fan of historical buildings.

How many days do I need in Reims?

You can certainly see a lot of the highlights of Reims over a weekend, and we would certainly recommend using a bank holiday as your next opportunity to enjoy its sights. However, you could also choose to take a longer, more scenic journey to get to Reims to maximise your holiday, then take a few days to explore the beautiful city at your own pace.

What are the best things to see and do in Reims?

Reims is a Gothic architectural wonderland. The cathedral is perhaps its most impressive landmark, however there’s beautiful buildings around every corner. But this is also the perfect escape for lovers of the finer things in life, as Reims boasts four Michelin-starred restaurants and is the centre of champagne production. You can truly relax in this historical city and soak up some culture.

History & Culture

Although much damage was done to Reims during both WWI and WWII, the city has been meticulously restored to its previous glory. Dating back to 1211, the famous Reims Cathedral has seen coronations, conflict of war, and numerous restorations by celebrated architects and designers.

There are also Roman influences throughout Reims, with ruins to explore and more than one UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, Reims is a popular destination for lovers of good food and drink, history, and architecture, drawing visitors of all ages from around the globe.

view of vineyards with fields, lake and hills in the distance at sunset

Champagne houses in Reims

You cannot be blamed if your first draw to Reims was the champagne, rather than the opportunity for sightseeing. Below are some of the champagne houses you can visit in the area, with the opportunity to take a tour, learn more about the delicious drink and, of course, taste a glass or two.

Enjoy a cool glass of delicious champagne in the region that first created it

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Now we have shown you how much there is to see and do in the city of Reims, you’ll be ready to book your next trip.

LeShuttle can get you from Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes. From there it’s under a three-hour drive to Reims if you take the most direct route, so you can be taking in the architecture or touring a champagne house in no time.