Driving to Reims from Calais

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Driving to Reims from Calais

Drive through picturesque French countryside to visit Reims, a city filled with beautiful architecture.

Plan your journey to Reims and take in some of the sights along the way. Driving is a great way to see more of the country and you can plan to stop at some fantastic locations for a more relaxing trip.

From Folkestone, our shuttles will get you to Calais just 35 minutes later. Learn more about our shuttles and about travelling with us before booking your tickets.

view of a motorway in France with road signs and speed markings

How long does it take to drive from Calais to Reims?

Reims lies 2 hours and 35 minutes south of Calais. The main route is via the A26 and approximately 275km away. Of course, the most direct route doesn’t have to be the one you take. You may choose instead to stop by some local sights along the way.

Are there any tolls from Calais to Reims?

Taking the most direct route from Calais to Reims will mean driving on roads that include tolls. The A26 is a toll road and will cost you around €23. 

Driving to Reims avoiding tolls

If you want to avoid tolls on the drive from Calais to Reims, one option is the A25, which will get you there in just over 4 hours. Toll routes are easy to spot, they are clearly marked ‘Péage’ on blue and white road signs, so you can stay off these roads to save money.

Mappy is a website you can use to plan your route to make it as cost effective as possible.

Is a day trip to Reims worth it?

Impressive French architecture cathedral with tall green trees in front

You can reach Reims in under 3 hours, and it’s only 35 minutes to Calais from Folkestone with LeShuttle. However, that could still be a minimum of 8 hours driving and Reims has so much to see and do. A day trip is possible, but we think you will want to spend time gazing at the stunning architecture and enjoy a stop or two along your journey. Why not make a weekend of it? See our ticket types here.

Some ideas for places to visit on your drive to Reims

riverside pretty buildings with bridge in the distance and flowers in the foreground

Take a scenic drive and stop off at some (or all) of these places on the way to Reims.

Via A26, taking in Cambrai, Saint-Quentin & Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Laon

The city of Cambrai is known as the ‘city with three steeples’ and has a rich religious heritage. Stop here to marvel at historic buildings from the 1920s, the UNESCO-listed belfry and decorative churches. The central museum holds 18th century Flemish art and the Musee de la Dentelle is where lace has been made since the 1800s. Cambrai is also the place for meat lovers to enjoy traditional brasseries. The city’s signature delicacies are andouilles and andouilliette, made from pork and beef, both grilled and served with French fries.

Saint Quentin is for museum enthusiasts. As well as its Gothic Basilica with sculpted decorations from the 16th century, the Antoine Lecuyer Fine Arts Museum holds Louis XV portraitist Maurice-Quentin de la Tour’s work. And for the nature-inspired there is the Butterfly Museum holding over 20,000 winged specimens. A simple stroll around this town will reveal a range of architecture, ranging from Gothic to Neo-Classical, through Art Deco.

front view of a gothic French cathedral

You can’t really miss the town of Laon in Picardy, as it rises above the otherwise flat landscape with an impressive cathedral. The Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Laon was built in the 12th century and has a four-storey high nave filled with stained-glass windows and detailed statues.

Via A16 &A26: Abbeville and Amiens

stunning French architecture cathedral building surrounded by trees under blue sky

The bay of Abbeville is a real treat with beaches, medieval heritage and impressive views to soak up on your stop over. Abbeville town is also home to one of the oldest belfries in France. Climb up 30 metres for views of the surrounding French countryside from this UNESCO protected site.

If you are travelling as a family, just beyond Abbeville’s southern border are the ruins of 15th century château d’Eaucourt-sur-Somme. Today the ruins are an activity centre in summer, where children can get involved with old-time trades like stonemasonry, ironworks and carpentry. They can also try on medieval armour and test their aim with a crossbow.

Amiens allows for strolls along the River Somme, which flows through this pretty university town. Many stop here for the parks, which are wonderful places to stretch your legs or relax amongst some greenery. There’s also a significant Gothic architecture to see, with a cathedral that’s taller than Paris’ Notre Dame! In fact, the Notre Dame in Amiens is the tallest cathedral in France.

Start your drive to Reims with LeShuttle

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