Pups on piste: Skiing with Dogs

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Pups on piste: Skiing with Dogs

Travelling with a pooch in tow? Discover our favourite dog friendly ski resorts in Europe.

It can be hard to find information when planning a ski trip with your four-legged friend. To help you, here’s a guide to our top picks of the ski resorts that allow your dog to experience all the fun of the ski season with you.

As well as tips for keeping your dog’s safe and warm, we share one of Italy’s best kept secrets, a quiet town where the mountains are tinged with pink and the slopes are pawfect for all abilities.

A pink tinted mountain range lit by the sun and rising above trees and valleys below

Skiing in Monte Rosa

Part of the Aosta Valley ski area, Monte Rosa consists of three valleys and their namesake villages: Champoluc, Gressoney, and Alagna. There are spectacularly long descents in each of the valleys and you can ski to a destination.

Monte Rosa itself is an intermediate resort where there are a few easy blues, although the blacks are more like reds. And being Italy, everything is pisted to perfection daily!

For Advanced skiers, Monte Rosa is an off piste paradise. There are Heliskiing opportunities and the Indren lift serves only off-piste itineraries. However, while skiing powder is the eighth wonder of the world, don’t do it without a professional guide.

Fine food, excellent wine, and wonderful people are guaranteed and although Monte Rosa can be busy at the weekends, it mostly feels like your own personal ski resort.

Where in Italy

Monte Rosa is in the eastern part of the Pennine Alps between Italy and Switzerland.

Drive from Calais

1,301 km / 10-hour drive

Taking Dogs Skiing in Monte Rosa

Staying in the middle valley, Gressoney, is particularly good for dog owners as it’s easy to keep track of them on walks. Dogs are welcome on gondolas and in many mountain huts. Although, dogs should wear a muzzle on shuttle buses (Navetta) and in cable cars.

As for walkies, there are well-marked and pisted skinning tracks, snow-shoe trails, and Nordic (Ski de Fond) pistes, which are ideal for pooches. However, do ask Tourist Information where is safe to walk.

Gressoney St Jean – La Passegiata della Regina (Queens Walk) and the River Lys Path make a lovely circuit. Gabiet Gondola walks on skinning trails to the off piste Orestes Hut and Coumarial, above Fontainemore, is a beautiful area in the Mont Mars Nature Reserve with extensive and relatively safe walking tracks.

dog with a face covered in snow with a ski lift behind it

Skiing in Megève

For the ultimate alpine adventure, head to Megève, a beautiful ski resort near the Mont Blanc. It’s around 10 km off the main road from Geneva to Chamonix and is the main part of the Evasion Mont Blanc ski area, the 4th largest in France.

The Mont Blanc Massif, with its glaciers and forested slopes, provides extensive skiing space, no matter your ability. The main lift leaves from the town centre, but there are also free ski-buses to help you get around.

This village resort has a lot of traditional charm, with cobblestone streets and medieval architecture, it's the ideal place to lose yourself when you're not out on the slopes. There are plenty of restaurants and shops for browsing too.

Where in France

Megève is in the Alps of southeastern France, in the Mont Blanc massif.

Drive from Calais

880 km / 8-hour drive

Taking Dogs Skiing in Megève

The Alps provides the perfect playground for you and your pet, with plenty of mountain walks for you to explore and slope-side activities to enjoy.

Chalets here are better if you need a little extra space for your dog and they can enjoy some down time off the lead. Résidence Lune d'Argent (Silver Moon) has lots of beautiful chalets located just outside the main village.

Your faithful friend will have the time of their life wading through the snow and trailing behind you as you cruise down the more leisurely piste runs (yes, they really can join you on the slopes!) There's plenty of mountain walks for you to enjoy, whether you're looking for a challenging hike or gentle stroll, you'll get to soak up some magnificent views.

You can then choose whether you want to bring your pooch along to a number of dog-friendly après ski bars (La Caboche is a great little find) or head back to your alpine abode to snooze together in front of a warm log fire, what could be more perfect?

four small fluffy dogs in the snow all wearing brightly coloured warm jumpers

Top tips to keep chilly canines cosy

It’s important to keep your dog’s warm when travelling to any cold climate. Here is our list of things to remember:

  • Invest in a dog jumper or onesie. Dog Jumpers insulate, keep snow out and wick moisture.
  • Salt and antifreeze are toxic. Don’t allow drinking from roadside puddles and rinse paws after walks. Dogs love to lick their paws post-walk.
  • Soak off snow balled up in the coat with lukewarm water. Only completely dry doggies should go back outside.
  • Don’t leave dogs in cars for any length of time. It can kill them.
  • Watch out for winter hazards. Snow piled near boundaries presents escape opportunities. Snow sliding off roofs can injure dogs (and people!). Watch out for things like frozen ponds, which may be concealed under snow.
  • Walk when the day has warmed up. A few shorter walks or play sessions are better than one long walk in freezing temperatures.
  • Don’t leave pets outside in cold weather. Let them play and sleep indoors, provide a cosy bed, not a cold floor. Make sure that they can’t burn themselves on radiators, heaters or log fires.
  • Cold, altitude and central heating are all very dehydrating, and you can’t rehydrate by eating snow. Water should always be available indoors and out walking.
  • Playing indoors and doing shorter walks might mean your dog needs less food. Avoid a pooch with a paunch!


  • Trim nails and fur between the pads to stop slipping and reduce snow and ice build-up between pads.
  • Paw balm protects pads from chemicals. We recommend Musher’s Secret for avoiding sore or cracked pads.
  • Wash and dry paws (and exposed tummies) to remove salt and chemicals.
  • During walks remove ice balls from between pads.
  • Boots – These are not always necessary, and a lot will depend upon if your dog is comfortable wearing them.

Planning a ski trip this year? Bring your canine friend along with LeShuttle

There’s nothing like bringing your pets along for the adventure and with LeShuttle it’s easy to travel with them.

However, if you’d rather take them somewhere warm, try our beach break guide and selection of dog-friendly beaches in France.

For those of you looking to explore France with your dogs, we also have all the information on dog-friendly walks you can try.

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