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Beat the continental motorway toll queues with an Emovis Tag

Make driving through France quick, easy and convenient with our exclusive toll tag offer. We’ve teamed up with Emovis Tag, the French motorway operator, to provide automatic toll payment for our customers.

With dedicated automatic toll lanes, you’ll be able to beat the queues, get to your destination quicker and save money too. Apply for FREE for your toll tag today and enjoy driving through France hassle-free.

Extended toll tag offer for Spain and Portugal

If you are planning to drive to Spain or Portugal, you can now apply for a motorway toll tag for these countries and take advantage of the offer, exclusive to our customers*.

Here are the details

  • Free application - no fee (save €10)
  • €10** annual fee for the first year of subscription, discounted to €5** from the second year onwards
  • €20 refundable security deposit on the tag
  • €7** active usage fee - only for the months in which the tag is used and capped at €14 in any subscription year

To receive this exclusive offer you must sign up via this page and enter your LeShuttle booking reference number in the promotional code box of the subscription form. Failure to do so will delay the delivery of your tag.

Terms and conditions
* This offer is provided by Emovis Tag and can be withdrawn without notice at any time. The discounted offer is applicable to the purchase of one tag only. The €10 application fee is waived upon first sign up. It does not apply for existing customers.
** Subject to local VAT
Don't delay, apply for FREE* today
Great reasons to buy your toll tag today
  • Easy - No loose change or tickets
    Take the hassle out of travelling – stick your toll tag to your windscreen behind the rear-view mirror and drive straight though the tollgates. It couldn’t be simpler!
  • Quick - No queues, just drive through
    Reach your holiday destination sooner with a toll tag. Avoid lengthy queues by using dedicated toll lanes – when you arrive at the gate simply drive through and the barrier will automatically lift.
  • Convenient - Payment is taken automatically
    There’s no need to manually make payments – it’s all done automatically by direct debit from your UK bank account. An invoice notification will go to your inbox too.
  • Transferrable to another vehicle
    Whatever car you decide to drive, it’s easy to switch your toll tag between vehicles. Simply attach your tag to your windscreen behind the rear-view mirror of the car you’re taking and you’re all set to go.
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