Driving Inspiration: UK

Driving Inspiration: UK

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Grand buildings lie around every corner, students cycle down cobbled streets, punts lazily glide by on the river. Cambridge is quintessentially English, and an unmissable stop on any tour of the UK.
Cambridge weekender

Cambridge weekender

  • Welcome to Cambridge
    One of the UK’s most beautiful and historic cities, Cambridge is world-renowned for its 800-year old seat of learning. The university of Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking is steeped in history, and any visitor will be able to appreciate the magic and atmosphere of Cambridge as they walk its hallowed streets.
  • Driving to Cambridge
    Cambridge is 115 miles from our Folkestone terminal. It usually takes just two hours 15 minutes to drive there, taking the M20, M25 and M11 motorways. There is often congestion on the M25, so allow extra time for your journey.

Conquer Cambridge in two days

It might take undergraduates three years to get their degrees, but you can do Cambridge in a couple of days! We have hand picked the highlights of this beautiful university city so you can fit it all into a weekend. 

Many of the colleges in Cambridge are open to the public, but some might be closed during term times or exam periods. Check before you visit. 

Bridge of Sighs

The bridge spanning the river Cam in St. John’s College is well named. It is the only covered bridge in the city and was said to be Queen Victoria’s favourite spot in Cambridge. 

Dating from 1831, you can walk over the Bridge of Sighs from the Third Court to New Court in the college itself, but for that to-sigh-for Instagram pic you need to position yourself on Kitchen Bridge. 

Trinity College

Founded by Henry VIII in 1546, Trinity is a powerhouse amongst Cambridge colleges. It counts Sir Isaac Newton, Lord Byron and King Charles III among its alumni. It boasts the Wren Library, with many famous manuscripts in its collection, and Trinity Great Court. A perennial challenge for students is to run around its perimeter before the college clock finishes striking twelve. This feat by the Olympic sprinter Harold Abrahams featured in the film Chariots of Fire. 

Kings College Chapel

Wherever you go in Cambridge city centre you’re never far away from King’s College. Its magnificent chapel overlooks both the Cam and King’s Parade in the middle of town. 

King’s College Chapel is simply stunning. It has the world’s largest fan vaulted ceiling, beautiful stained glass windows and ornate Gothic carving. One of the world’s most famous choirs, the Choir of King’s College, sings carols there every Christmas Eve, broadcast to an audience of millions on TV.

Punting on the Cam

What could be more English than this? Punts are flat bottomed boats that your guide will propel along the shallow river Cam with a long pole. Your leisurely trip will take you past or under all the major sights the university has to offer – such as King’s College, the Bridge of Sighs, Trinity College, Clare Bridge and the Mathematical Bridge. On sunny days the lawns are often filled with students taking it easy, or dons on their way to give lectures. 

Fitzwilliam Museum

Perhaps the most famous building in Cambridge that isn’t a college is the Fitzwilliam, a notable museum founded in 1816. It’s not hard to find on Trumpington Street – it looks every inch the world-famous museum. 

Once you’ve finished gasping at the extraordinary neo-classical interiors of the entrance hall, it’s time to admire the priceless collections of paintings, antiquities and artworks, including works by Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Constable. 

Admission is free. 

Your Cambridge weekend starts with LeShuttle

There has been a university in Cambridge since 1209. Even if you don’t arrive until 12:09 on Saturday afternoon, you will still have enough time to be captivated by the city by Sunday evening! It helps that the LeShuttle crossing from Folkestone to Calais takes just 35 minutes. A Short Stay Saver ticket is valid for any trip of 5 days or less.   

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See Cambridge by bike

When in Cambridge, do as the students do. Hire a bike or book yourself onto a bike tour. Cycle along the winding narrow lanes between the colleges, out onto the cycle paths along the Cam and the Backs, to the college boathouses and the Real Tennis courts. 

Take a breather every now and again at one of the many charming cafés around the city, and pose for those iconic photographs in front of King’s College Chapel and the Bridge of Sighs.